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“You can’t even spell Indiana without starting with India.” - Governor Holcomb

Happy Festive Season,

You may recall hearing this spring that Infosys, "the Microsoft of India," is bringing 2,000 jobs to Indiana. In fact, the tech giant opened its first U.S. center right here in Indianapolis last month.

This major win for our city and state may not have happened without the bridge built by the Indiana India Business Council.

As the New York Times reported on May 2, 2017: "In February, Indiana state officials were approached about a potential investment by Infosys via the Indiana India Business Council, a local business group."

I am Raju Chinthala, founder of the Indiana India Business Council. A proud native of India, citizen of the United States, and community leader in Indianapolis, I am a visionary, architect, emissary, connector, instigator, and optimist. I build bridges. I make things happen.

I write to ask you to help me do more. Help me bring more jobs and opportunities to communities here and in India. Help me change lives.

I saw the opportunity with Infosys last winter, and I knew Indiana could seize it. Others needed some convincing. Indiana was nowhere on Infosys team's radar screen, but I persuaded them to come to take a look. Likewise, our state and city officials at first asked me, "Infosys who?" But once I conveyed the potential, I'm proud and grateful to say they mobilized to host a day-long visit for Infosys that was a tour de force.

When I dropped the Infosys executives at the airport that evening, they said, "Raju, thank you. We didn't know it. But Indiana is where we want to be!" They immediately saw in Indiana the vibrant educational, social, and business environment they sought.

Infosys in Indiana is just the tip of the iceberg—only the most highly visible example of the exciting, two-way bridges to thriving communities and transformed lives that the Indiana India Business Council can build.

Ever since the Infosys announcement, I've been deluged with calls and emails from business owners large and small across our state, asking how their companies can get established, grow, and create jobs and opportunities in India. I'm doing all I single-handedly can to help.

For example, when a mid-sized global supply chain firm based in Carmel ran into difficulties in India, I connected them with an Indian IT minister who could guide them through the intricacies of doing business there. The company is now opening a larger office to accommodate a staff of 500 in Hyderabad.

And it goes both ways. Since Infosys' decision to locate in Indianapolis made the front pages and social media all over India, I've found that company executives and government officials there are eager to learn why Indiana and explore opportunities to do business here.

It's clear that the Indiana India Business Council is poised on the brink, with tremendous potential to serve communities and serve people. It simply needs the means to do so.

When I came to Indiana from India 20 years ago, I found a diverse, welcoming environment in which I could thrive. Ever since, I've devoted myself to building bridges between the Indian heritage I cherish and the Indianan way of life I've embraced. Volunteering my time in many capacities, I've brought Indian and Indianan leaders and everyday citizens together—building intercultural understanding, furthering mutually rewarding relationships.

In 2016 I founded the Indiana India Business Council to create and sustain economic and business relationships between our state and India. The Council promotes two-way trade and investment. It spurs growth, strengthens communities, and creates life-changing opportunities by:

  • Connecting business and government leaders
  • Helping Indiana companies establish themselves and expand in India
  • Helping Indian trade missions connect with Indiana-based suppliers and strategic partners

For the first year of the organization's operations, I've reached deep into my own pockets and devoted most of my discretionary time. (I work full-time as a speech pathologist.)

Now I am asking you, as a fellow citizen and leader in our community, to reach into your pocket or pocketbook. Please help me fund the Indiana India Business Council's timely work, at whatever level you choose. Your gift will enable me to:

  • Establish an office from which the Indiana India Business Council can do business
  • Devote my full-time efforts to the Council's vital work
  • Hire one or more staff members
  • Build the Council's on-the-ground and social media presence (currently at and on Facebook)

From that operational base, the Indiana India Business Council will be able to respond quickly to many more requests for assistance in pursuing the Indiana—India business and economic opportunities that abound.

Your funds will also enable the Council to launch two major 2018 initiatives that will build enduring Indiana—India bridges:

  • Connecting leaders. We will launch an ongoing forum in which Indianan and Indian business and government leaders can collaborate to shape business-friendly trade and investment policies at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Connecting future leaders. Next summer, we will conduct an exciting exchange and internship program for youth, right here in Indiana. We'll bring together aspiring young leaders from our state and India. Together, they will learn the ropes of international business first-hand from experienced leaders, forming connections that will last a lifetime.

Please see the link below to donate. Please give $500 today!

If you would like to meet me and learn more about the Indiana India Business Council's work and how you can be part of it, please get in touch. You can reach me at or 317-339-7461

I hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance for your generosity. Thank you.


Raju Chinthala
Founder & President

P.S. What was once a narrow footbridge is now a veritable highway. Exports between Indiana and India have reached the $600 million mark. With your help we can reach the $1 billion mark in only two years. Please send your gift today.

P.S.S. Indiana and India have so much in common: rich cultural heritages, strong educational institutions, community-based values, economies on the move . . . As Governor Holcomb observed at the Infosys India inaugural in May: "You can't even spell Indiana without starting with India." As Vice President Pence has remarked, quoting Indian Prime Minister Modi: "The words India ana mean 'Come to India'!" Please help the Indiana India Business Council build upon all we share!

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